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Coding - Overview

What types of technology platforms does JPL Coding work with?

When it comes to custom coding we work with a variety of platforms. We've listed the platforms we have the most expertise with below for your convenience:

NET/Web Development:

  • .NET Core Development
  • ASP.NET Webform App Conversion
  • ASP Classic App Conversion
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • C#


  • BASH/Bourne shell Scripting
  • Powershell Scripting
  • BAT/CMD Windows Scripting

Application Customization:

  • LibreOffice

In addition we have a smattering of limited experience with a variety of other technologies such as PHP, Wordpress and Silverlight.

How long has JPL Coding been coding?

We have been coding all of our lives. Speaking as the founder of JPL Coding, I was given my first computer, an Apple II/e, at the age of six and a BASIC programming book for kids to go along with it. I've been coding ever since. My talent and technological bent has evolved considerably since that time and understandably so. From that point onward I was always interested in finding technological solutions to all kinds of problems. Once I graduated from college in 1998 at the age of 18, I began plying my skills to the employers in the Upstate of South Carolina and have made a good living for the last 16 years.

Do you have any samples of your work?

Sadly, as of right now we only have a handful of examples of our work. Most of the custom code we've written for clients over years is proprietary and thus subject to a variety of non-disclosure agreements. However our founder maintains a downloadable archive of code for the software that powers his personal site available for download. Since it's the very same code driving this particular site, you may be interested in a taking a look at it yourself. In any event in lieu of a portfolio of work, we instead are in the process of putting together a page of recommendations from current and past clients along with their contact information (when appropriate).

Is JPL Coding interested in following up on the work of others?

Absolutely. While some coding outfits prefer to reinvent the wheel every time they go to work for another client, we prefer to make an efficient use of existing client owned resources. So if you've got a piece of custom software that is ill-maintained and badly in need of a facelift and/or upgrade (especially if it's a web application), you'll want to speak with us as soon as possible. We've done a lot of work in the past few years when it comes to upgrading legacy web apps, some of which were written by us and some of which were not. In any event, we don't push upgrades for the sake of upgrading. Just because a piece of software is old, that doesn't mean that it is ineffective by default.

Now does this mean we will never recommend a complete rewrite? No it's doesn't mean that. But it does mean that you can be sure that if we've recommended such a course of action we have a very good reason to do so. We will also be more than happy to explain it to you. Even in that scenario if you decide that sticking with the existing piece of software is the way you want to go, we'll respect your decision.